2007 IETC Garageband

Podcasting Made Easy:

Garageband, Podcasting, Movie Scoring and the iPod


My students do a variety of projects, no two are alike. Some may only have music, others tell a story, still others use Sibelius to compose their music. Here are examples of the variety that exists:



Examples on the web -




Pod 29 is an all-district website lanuched in 11/2007


        These are podcasts from third graders, concerning the construction of the fields at Middlefork, excellent example of talking with pictures


www.pod29.com>42skiddo        All about sound


On www.carobroos.com the use of a story, pictures and music.

The Presents

            Burger Blast


        Music only 

Rock It




Alien Attack

Nick G Brocker

Blue Project


           Flash stuff




The Presentation



It’s all about the story… about ME!

The more you understand this concept the more creative, more personal, and more artistic the project you will get from the students. I do not start with movie scoring or flash, is part of a three-year curriculum. Students must understand how to make music before any pictures are added.


Purpose, decide what you want

Each project has a specific purpose. If you are going to put it on the internet, that is one purpose. Showing a movie with music is another purpose. Making a DVD is an entirely different purpose and different presentation. The purpose should scream back at you.


Start small, let it grow!

Take baby steps, and let it grow. The smaller you start the more successful the project will be. A thirty-second presentation is fine.


Will you LET me, not will you TEACH me.

I have a project-based curriculum. I keep my guidelines open and have NO rubric. The moment I started without a rubric, the more creative projects outside the box I received. Let the students work.


Less is more. Musicians know that rests are as important as sound.

You know the crayon story. If I give you bag of crayons, you won’t use every color for the picture. Select a few loops and keep a mood.


Curriculum, start with the story, build to movie scoring

Make sure they are experts in each level before going on.


Fourth grade projects

•    Keyboard stories, creating moods

•    Sound Studio, recording voices

•    GarageBand, no pictures

•    iTunes, burning CD’s

•    File-sharing, limited posting


Fifth grade projects

•    Garageband, with photos

•    iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie

•    iWeb and commenting

•    Flash

•    Sibelius compositions

•    Spectacular Projects


Sixth grade projects

•    Everything posted and commented upon

•    Garageband, with photos/movies

•    More room for individualization and personalization


Seventh and Eighth grade projects

•    Individual and personal


Tech Tips

•    Movie scoring

        Sibelius has free .mov without sound, must own Sibelius


•    Flash with Garageband

        You can make flash, keynote or powerpoint .mov to export. 


To export your movie from Flash

Open file in Flash, export file as a movie. Save in Movies. Use .mov


Open up Garageband (as a movie score) and drag and drop it in the .mov file


How to have your iPod read your movie.

You are in iTunes. Highlight the file you want converted. Go to advanced and convert selection for iPod


Examples of Podcasts using Garageband: www.carolbroos.com and www.beatechie.com