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Collaborative Composer Project

Page history last edited by Carol Broos 10 years, 7 months ago



Collaborative Composer Project

Carol Broos and Brenda Muench

Powerpoint Presentation: ComposerCollaborative_FETC10.key.pdf 

Main Website: http://composerproject.wikispaces.com/ 

Videos:           Composer Videos 2008-2009

                       Composer Videos 2009-2010


Introduction Video



Prezi Presentation



Composer VoiceThread


Programs and websites used:

Sunset Ridge Fifth Graders

  • iTunes - Hooked on Classics - List of Compositions and Composers - composers.xls
  • Google Maps, Google Forms - Find a Grave (Facts about the Composer) placed in Google Maps by Mrs. Broos
  • Internet - Simple Facts
  • Skype - First skype call - meet and greet
  • VoiceThread - Google Forms for user names and passwords (Education Account)
  • BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF - website for avatar
  • Set-up VoiceThread account and practice VoiceThread
    • Google doc of all usernames and passwords
    • On clipboard on desk
  • iTunes/GarageBand - listen to composition, edit in GarageBand to 30 seconds
  • Discussion of Copyright
  • Visual - Flash, Claymation, Legos, Movies
  • Complete Project and post on website
  • Listen to "Classics for Kids" podcasts
  • Login to VoiceThread and post what "fact" was incorrect
  • Comments from Iroquois West Third Graders, reply back
  • Final Skype call



Iroquois West Third Graders


  • Skype - First skype call - meet and greet
  • Listen to "Classics for Kids" podcasts
  • As a class, students decide on what they are going to say on VoiceThread

  • Discussion of "digital footprint"
  • Students comment on Music Composer Videos from Sunset Ridge
  • Students read comments and comment back
  • Final Skype call


Composer Videos 2008-2009 - Link


Composer Videos 2009-2010 - Link




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