Composition at SRS



Composing and Creating at Sunset Ridge School

Project-based curriculum with performance

Northfield, Illinois


Rule 1: Follow the rules

Rule 2: Rules can be broken

Rule 3: What rules?


Creating OPPORTUNITIES for students to create, compose, and follow their dreams

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Composer Collaborative with Brenda Muench


SRS music curriculum



All parents sign a Parental consent in order to be on, pictures, works. and printed media. 

Parentalconsent_09.doc It is a .doc, download and change the names 

Students are not taught theory, just these simple rules:

Along with composition, 4/5 classes put on a classroom musical and the fourth graders perform at the yearly Holiday Concert.

There is a yearly Talent Show and an "All School Musical" where over 50% of the school participate.

All 4/5 students are required to take a band instrument. 

Composition Curriculum


Fourth Grade (2x a week - 40 minutes)

Piano Keyboard - simple sound effects, no talking

Sound Studio - talking only

GarageBand - one picture, only music, then talking (when they ask)

Sibelius - compose song for band instrument, must be able to play song


Fifth Grade (2x a week - 40 minutes)

Piano Keyboard - story with sound effects

Sound Studio - only review, no files

GarageBand and iMovie - composer project

Sibelius - any instruments allowed


Sixth Grade (Nine weeks every day)

Piano Keyboard/GarageBand - story with claymation, Flash, or iMovie

Sibelius/GarageBand - compose in Sibelius, save a MIDI, drag and drop into GB, with pictures, Flash, or iMovie

Spectacular Project - students have 14-18 days to work on ONE project.


Seventh and Eighth Grade (Elective - three times a week)

Individual Projects


Vermont MIDI Students (grades 5-8, only 5-8 students in the program)

Once a week, arranged separately with student and teacher

Individual time

Must be taking private band/string/piano lessons

Desire to compose 

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Hunting and Fishing

Trolls and Goats



Composition website - you need to download scorch in order to view files. It views better in Safari than Firefox.


Flight of the Eagles

An Adventure

Spring Storm (music) (video)

GarageBand, not GarbageBand - presentation and student files - a gaming site that won a National Website award in Hollywood.