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Google ME!

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Google, not just a search engine!


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Carol's TOP 10

10.    Google Groups

               You can download various important data

9.      Google Custom Search Engine

               Set up a custom search, so students only search the sites you have listed. 

8.      Google Maps

               Great resource for educators, can share and place on website

7.      Google Alert

               Get an email every time. (I have an alert on my name and school.)

6.      Picasa

               Pictures - amazing tool to house your pictures and place on website

5.      Google Reader

               All the blogs come to ME, I can read important rss feeds.

4.      Google Sites (I prefer pbworks, but works nicely)

          Set up your own wiki or website to house all your calendars, forms, and other documents

3.     iGoogle - set up a page for information to COME to you!

          rss feeds for everything, including games!

2.      Google Calendar

          Share and post calendars with others

1.      Google Docs

               Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presos and Much More! - You can create a form that students fill out, plus it will summarize the data!



Other Google stuff I like: 


     Tubesock to download to class

Google Squared 

Google Groups

Google Font



Other Carol Broos' websites

     Main website - www.carolbroos.com

     Curriculum - beatechie.pbworks.com

     Lincoln212 - lincoln212.pbworks.com


Other Google Educators and Presentation wikis

Rushton Hurley's Lots of Ideas - Free Tools

Meg Ormiston's Google stuff - Megorimi



Google Search Stories






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