Promethean Board

 Websites to use

Think BIG!



Links Page on


Music PLN - great resource


Best Buy LInk  - promethean - white boards and promethean files. Excellent 14-week (7 challenges) project - great resource for white boards and other information for music teachers - bookmarks from ning a diigo group - apps that can be downloaded for individual computers or interactive white board - music resources on the web - tons of links for music and sounds


Websites I developed or collaborated with - Composer Project - music vocabulary - entire music curriculum with google docs, week to week - Licoln's 200th birthday wiki, with voicethread - Links page that my students use


Flipcharts you can use, either found on Promethean Planet or created by me









Interactive Music sites - amazing interactive music - play music together online - incredible box, men singing and instrument sounds - tonepad on the computer - Four interactive composing games - Piano keyboard, place notes on a staff - Virtual Drum Kit - Sheep sing! - Play piano online - put in a mood and pictures from Gettyimages appear while music is playing - online music factory - virtural keyboard - interactive xylophone - piano online - drum set - play music in other lands - create music and save, looks like MIDI  files


Professional Orchestra Children's Websites - San Francisco Orchestra - New York Philharmonic


Art Websites - interactive art painting 


MY LINK PAGE ON WWW.CAROLBROOS.COM - this is what my students use at home and at school



Videos or movies for class - Non-youtube - wonderful video using giant steps - David Wonder's middle school composition group - Ann Truger's website with claymation and music  - Carol Broos' Fifth grade composer videos



You-tube videos - tubesock (for $20 download youtube URL to iTunes, show in class) - amazing list of youtube videos for music - youtube PLUS, excellent interactive in the key of B Flat - Music Lessons using youtube


Tests/Games = Guitar Heroish online - Hearing Test - Speed Note Reading  - online music theory practice



Notation - email needed - online notation software - Download free software to compose.


Other - make an mp3 on the fly! - Animoto - Voicethread