Sew Yourself a Voicethread


Names of people in class:


Composer Project VoiceThread Composers



Names of people in class 


Today we will:

See some examples

Set up a VoiceThread account

Make a comment using voice, type, and doodle

Make a VoiceThread

Manage comments



If you have time you can:

Make an Avatar and upload it to VoiceThread

Embed your VoiceThread on your webpage

Leave a comment on a classmate's VoiceThread



Other wikis and websites concerning Voicethread - collaborative Voicethread - Pricing - Langwitches (we used this in class) - Lee Korbert's wiki about Voicethread

Steps to success in the classroom:


1. Have a practice voicethread before you actually have a curriculum one, take pictures around school for students to comment.


2. Avatars - spend ONE day on just getting an avatar, not even going on a voicethread.


3. One day on getting passwords correct and loading avatar, have practice voicethread ready for students to practice.


4. FInally, ready to "rock and roll"


5. You must approve "comments' in order for others to view.



Voicethreads in Action: 

In-house Lincoln Project at Sunset Ridge:


Collaborative Lincoln Project


Composer Project: