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Book Trailers

Page history last edited by Carol Broos 8 years, 9 months ago

Book Trailers

IETC 2010

Terri Zazove and Carol Broos, Presenters


Book Trailers


How To Start, click here

Guidelines for students, 

Entire Presentation, click here


Check List for Book Trailers, click here

     1. Storyboard

               Make sure you have a powerful ending or hook.

     2. Transitions

               a. Information presented in a logical sequence.

               b. Keynote transitions add to the movie.

     3. Hook

               Your goal is build interest.

     4. True to the Book

               a. Mood

               b. Setting

               c. Does not tell the entire story

      5. Persuasive

               Audience wants to run out and read the book.

      6. Copyright

               All photos, graphics and sound are either original or permission for use is documented.

      7. Audio

               a. Assists mood

               b. Assists setting

      8. Pacing

                Gives the reader time to read the slide



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