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Bring Your Own Device - Composing

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Composing and Creating - Bring Your Own Device





iPad apps - http://myap.ps/aaY


Looping Programs

GarageBand - part of iLife (have to purchase)

Notation Programs
Musescore - http://musescore.com/user/login (download onto your computer)
MuseScore Tips - great site with tutorial videos
Noteflight - http://www.noteflight.com (online)
Sibelius - http://www.sibelius.com (install on your computer after buying program)

AudioScore Lite - http://www.sibelius.com/products/audioscore/lite.html
Finale - http://www.finalemusic.com/NotePad/default.aspx

Four different groups of composers within your classroom:

4 - Composing with non-musicians
These may or may not be part of BOC (Band, Orchestra, Choir)
Limited note-reading skills, if any at all

Basic composing tricks that are tried and true:
Start and end on same note
Keep a basic rhythm pattern
KIS - Keep It Simple

Experimentation and Random are the words this group enjoys using and doing

3 - Composing with Non-traditional music students

Students who take lessons OUTSIDE the classroom and are NOT part of BOC

Basic composing tricks that are tired and true:
This group likes trying to use songs they know and incorporate them

Help with correct rhythm, dynamics, and articulation

2 - Composing with Musicians

Students who take private lessons

Part of the BOC (Band, Orchestra, Choir) performing groups

Basic composing tricks that are tired and true:
Use form, added articulation, dynamics, and band/orchestra instruments they can score for the performing groups they are a part of.

1 - Composing with Talented and Gifted Musicians and Composers
Let these students fly

Enable lots of time in the lab for experimentation and websites on theory and instrumentation.
Music Theory - http://www.musictheory.net/
8 Notes - http://www.8notes.com/theory/
etheory - http://www.emusictheory.com/
Jayde Note Reading Game - http://www.jaydemusica.com/ (can download onto your computer or play online)

Join Vermont Midi Project - Professional musicians and composers will comment on student’s work - http://vtmidi.org/

iPad Apps - http://myap.ps/aaY

Unconventional Composing



Les Paul's 96th Birthday - Google

Zefank's Carol Maker

Tone Matrix

http://www.kenbrashear.com/ - drums


Fun Interactive Sites




Apps for Composing

Composing Music

GarageBand 4.99

Creating Music

Band 3.99 (has six different instruments and records sounds)

Beatwave Free


Digidrummer Free Free

ChordBank Free

Recording Apps

Soundcloud Free

AudioBoo Free

VidRhythm Free

VoiceThread Free

Movie Apps

iMovie 4.99

Vimeo Free

Music Games

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free

Music Games

Seuss Band .99

Pluto Piano Free

Moozart 1.99

Note Squish.99

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free


Sounddrop Free

Auditorium Free

O-GenAcoustic 1.99

Air Harp .99









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