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Arts Inservice

Page history last edited by Carol Broos 11 years, 11 months ago

Art and Music Inservice




21st Century Consortium



     Arts Map from p21


Trends in Education

Flip Classroom

     Flipped Summer Workshop

Eric Whitacre - virtual choir


Skype in Schools


Music and Art Creation

GarageBand, Not Garbageband

Classes and Projects


Professional Development

Global Education Collaborative (Lucy Gray)

K12online Conference (Wes Fryer)

aRTs Roundtable on http://edreach.us/  

Soundtree Institute

Projects by Jen (Jen Wagner)

Flat Classroom (Vicki Davis)

Winksound - videos for sound and video editing

Mashplanet - Posting of original music and videos

http://www.ted.com/ - TED videos


Personal Learning Network



Cool Tools for Schools

http://mustech.pbworks.com/ - SmartBoards and Promethean files
http://arted20.ning.com/ - 20,000 Art Educators 


Carol Broos sites

diigo - http://www.diigo.com/user/beatechie

Blog - http://www.beatechie.com/

Curriculum http://beatechie.pbworks.com/

Student work and podcasts - www.carolbroos.com

Promethean Board resources 

Composer Project 

2011 Composer Project


Rules and Regulations

What Day Is It?

Open Lab Rules

Classroom Rules

iPod Touch Devices Rules


The Big Picture - connecting art and music

     Overview of Project

     Website link


Cool Tools




http://www.dropbox.com/ and http://dropitto.me/


     Link to Flowers - sumopaint/GarageBand




1. Looking forward to gaining some ideas about how to apply and manage tech tools to help my students create and share more.

Bloom's taxonomy

Bloom's apps

Tech Toys in the Classroom (Management)


2. Band - attendance and intergrating of technology. Performance based. 

google forms http://support.google.com/docs/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=87809

Noteflight (online music composition) http://www.noteflight.com/login

Composing and Creating 


3. There is so much to learn, but I hope I learn something that I will remember, or have directions to refer to.  It always seems so easy when someone is teaching me one on one, but then I tend to forget it.


4. I'm always looking for new ideas and music composition projects to do. I use GarageBand a lot with the students. 

Sibelius 5 composition

5th Grade Composition

Vermont MIDI Project


5. I would like to see a variety of applications that i can choose from when designing different units for my students. (Art)




6. To engage in discussion with another music educator who has used wikis, blogs, Skype, collaboratives, and other ways of connecting with other educators beyond our own community. 



Global Education Collaborative (Lucy Gray)

http://www.rockourworld.org/ - (Carol Anne McGuire)


7. To learn more about music labs, the use  of smart boards in a music ed. setting, etc.  I teach gen. music and don't really see myself setting up a digital music lab for my students - but I'd like to learn a bit more about it.  I realize that we will have art teachers with us too, and we can't get too bogged down in discussion only music education.....

Soundtree Institute


8. To be open and learn what the 21st century arts has to offer in the performing arts.

Eric Whitacre


Unconvential Composing




Les Paul's 96th Birthday - Google

Zefank's Carol Maker

Tone Matrix

http://www.kenbrashear.com/ - drums


Fun Interactive Sites


Hands-on CPR




Benjamin Zander - Music and Passion


Sir Ken Robinson - Is Education Killing Creativity


Did You Know?


Art and Music Collide


Extreme Sheep


Lost Generation
















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