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Tech Gadgets for Instruction in Special Education

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Tech Toys and Management in the Digital Classroom

Crayons to Digital




Let's Get Started


Rules and Regulations

KIS = Keep It Simple

     Rules need to be "Little By Little"
     Only 10 rules. Some funny, some practical.
     Posted Rules versus implied rules
          -Posted rules:
               Classroom Rules
               iPod Rules
         - Implied Rules 
               Happen as they occur, not a formal announcement. 
               Each day have a new implied rule until you are through with them
         -Culture of "inner circle"
               Have students who are also passionate and gifted/talented be "assistant teachers"
               Areas of the room are "off limits" thats where you put expensive supplies

Day One

     Classroom Rules


Day Two

     What day is it? Left Brain day versus Right Brain day


Day Three, for every gadget there is a rule...

     Start implied rules - "A rule a day keeps the discipline at bay"

     If you start with a tight ship, you never have to reteach

Just the toys

     Only AA or AAA batteries, have backup batteries

     San disc


Livescribe Smart Pen $119



Twin Video Ion Video Recorder $44.95



H1 Zoom Voice Recorder $99



Kensingson Presenter Pro $68.61



Point2View Document Camera $66.63



Crayola Dual-Sized Dry Erase Board $12.99




Still Camera

     $100 version is great

     2-3 in a class, not any more

     White board with sign out

     Have students "scout" for pictures before they go out and take pictures

     Download and delete before class ends


iPod Touch Devices - iPod Touch Rules

     12 in a classroom, never have 1:1, makes students share

     Located in desk area

     Dedicated laptop


     Number iPod Touch devices as wallpaper and on back

     Sign out sheet, makes students accountable and what iPod they had last. 


iPad Rules


Filp Camera

     1-2 in the classroom

'    Easy Downloading

     Batteries versus charging with laptop. Try to get flips with batteries

     4:3 versus 16:9 - remind students what format they are filming in

     Erase data every 1-3 days


Just the Apps

Evernote http://www.evernote.com/

Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/

Dropittome http://dropitto.me/



Apple TV





     Allow enough time at the end of the period to download and pass equipment back


Tech Day

     Always have a tech day where students either drop project files or collect on external hard drive







Open Lab Rules


Classroom Projects












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