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District 30 - Physical Education and Music Educators

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District 30 Inservice

October 5, 2012





DropBox Free

Evernote Free

Google Free

Composing Music

GarageBand 4.99

Creating Music

Band 3.99 (has six different instruments and records sounds)

Beatwave Free


Digidrummer Free Free

ChordBank Free

Recording Apps

Soundcloud Free

AudioBoo Free

VidRhythm Free

VoiceThread Free

Movie Apps

iMovie 4.99

Vimeo Free

Photo Apps

Paper Camera .99

Music Games

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free

Music Games

Seuss Band .99

Pluto Piano Free

Moozart 1.99

Note Squish.99

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free


Sounddrop Free

Auditorium Free

O-GenAcoustic 1.99

Air Harp .99


Physical Education

iPad apps for Physical Education

iMuscle app





Smart Board Music Resources  http://mustech.pbworks.com/

Composing and Creating using the iPad



aRTs Roundtable wiki (links from podcasts)

Roundtable 6: Create Apps on the iPad

Roundtable 7: Productivity Apps

Roundtable 17: Apps we use daily

Roundtable 21: Artsy websites


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