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District 102 - Music Inservice

Page history last edited by Carol Broos 11 years, 8 months ago

District 102 Inservice

November 9, 2012


Click here for Google Form to be filled out before the inservice


Let's Get It Started


http://isleoftune.com/ - app http://isleoftune.com/apps/

Les Paul's 96th Birthday - Google

Zefank's Carol Maker

Tone Matrix

http://www.kenbrashear.com/ - drums


Something new in the past week - 



My diigo bookmarks




Curriculum and Curriculum Map



Questions and Answers - 


1. Basic use of Promethean for band/music class. 

     This is from my wiki site from d102 a couple of years ago.


     I would use it for seating charts and lesson plans.

     Students would be able to use it during the classroom to record their progress and what they are working on. 

     Have a separate file for each class, then within each class have different pages. 

     I will be modeling this thought the inservice. 


2. I have my students record themselves doing playing tests but it is kind of a process for me to get them on my computer to grade them.

    Is there anything easier?  So I'm interested in stuff with video.  

    www.smartmusic.com I have smartmusic installed on one of my computers. You should test it out and see how you like it. 



3. I would love to explore ways to incorporate having students create their own music using iPads at the elementary level.

    I want my students to take more ownership in their learning and give them the tools to become more musically creative through the use of technology.

     Create innovative projects around a SINGLE theme

     20% Google Projects

     Non-traditional music composition

     Slide-video music

     Before you video - use still shots. The students should be able to show a story with pictures before video. 


4. I would like to do more with composition and creating activities and balance them with performing, so I'm very interested in tech-related things that could aid me.

     Thinks short in length and in directions, if you want creative innovative projects that have purpose.  

     Projects that work


Four different groups of composers within your classroom:

4 - Composing with non-musicians
These may or may not be part of BOC (Band, Orchestra, Choir)
Limited note-reading skills, if any at all

Basic composing tricks that are tried and true:
Start and end on same note
Keep a basic rhythm pattern
KIS - Keep It Simple

Experimentation and Random are the words this group enjoys using and doing

3 - Composing with non-traditional music students

Students who take lessons OUTSIDE the classroom and are NOT part of BOC

Basic composing tricks that are tired and true:
This group likes trying to use songs they know and incorporate them

Help with correct rhythm, dynamics, and articulation

2 - Composing with musicians

Students who take private lessons

Part of the BOC (Band, Orchestra, Choir) performing groups

Basic composing tricks that are tired and true:
Use form, added articulation, dynamics, and band/orchestra instruments they can score for the performing groups they are a part of.

1 - Composing with talented and gifted musicians and composers
Let these students fly!

Enable lots of time in the lab for experimentation and websites on theory and instrumentation.
Music Theory - http://www.musictheory.net/
8 Notes - http://www.8notes.com/theory/
etheory - http://www.emusictheory.com/
Jayde Note Reading Game - http://www.jaydemusica.com/ (can download onto your computer or play online)

Join Vermont Midi Project - Professional musicians and composers will comment on student’s work - http://vtmidi.org/




DropBox Free

Evernote Free

Google Free

Composing Music

GarageBand 4.99

Creating Music

Band 3.99 (has six different instruments and records sounds)

Beatwave Free


Digidrummer Free Free

ChordBank Free

Recording Apps

Soundcloud Free

AudioBoo Free

VidRhythm Free

VoiceThread Free

Movie Apps

iMovie 4.99

Vimeo Free

Photo Apps

Paper Camera .99

Music Games

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free

Music Games

Seuss Band .99

Pluto Piano Free

Moozart 1.99

Note Squish.99

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free


Sounddrop Free

Auditorium Free

O-GenAcoustic 1.99

Air Harp .99





Smart Board Music Resources   http://mustech.pbworks.com/


Composing and Creating using the iPad


Doink and GarageBand


Brushes and GarageBand


aRTs Roundtable wiki (links from podcasts)

Roundtable 6: Create Apps on the iPad

Roundtable 7: Productivity Apps

Roundtable 17: Apps we use daily

Roundtable 21: Artsy websites


Common Core and Music

Infusing the Arts in the Common Core Standards


The Common Core Reading (R.6) goal and the Common Core Speaking and Listening (S.L. 2, S.L. 5) goals address that students use a variety of multimedia skills in reading, speaking, and listening.  It is through performance, production, and participation in innovative and creative multi-media projects using art and music that those goals are accomplished. 


It only makes sense that the arts are embedded in the Common Core. The use of tech toys, simple recording and drawing apps will be presented, as well as how to organize a system of sharing and assessment.  The CC speaking and listening standards 2 and 5 directly have the students use visual and sound through diverse media and formats.


The backbone of literacy for your classroom that is the skeleton of innovative and creative multimedia projects. A systematic approach of visual and auditory arts through the use of digital storytelling will enhance the common core goals within your classroom and district using the arts as the glue.

National Arts Standards 



Personalized Learning 


Assessment Tools for Musical Projects


http://www.flubaroo.com/ - grading using google docs

http://www.classdojo.com/ - online classroom management




Movies that can change education


Caine's Arcade


Susan Cain, the power of intraverts


Sir Ken Robinson (RSA, recorded on TED.com


Eric Whitacre - 2,000 virtual choir


Interactive White Board with a $50 wii remote


Benjamin Zander, music and passion


Did you Know>




Innovative Movies

Did you know 4.0



Lost Generation


LED Sheep




Slide Videos




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