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Infusing the Arts in the Common Core

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Common Core and Music

Infusing the Arts in the Common Core Standards


The Common Core Reading (R.6) goal and the Common Core Speaking and Listening (S.L. 2, S.L. 5) goals address that students use a variety of multimedia skills in reading, speaking, and listening.  It is through performance, production, and participation in innovative and creative multi-media projects using art and music that those goals are accomplished. 


Transliteracy is in part how we live.

Link to Video


It only makes sense that the arts are embedded in the Common Core. The use of tech toys, simple recording and drawing apps will be presented, as well as how to organize a system of sharing and assessment.  The CC speaking and listening standards 2 and 5 directly have the students use visual and sound through diverse media and formats.


The backbone of literacy for your classroom that is the skeleton of innovative and creative multimedia projects. A systematic approach of visual and auditory arts through the use of digital storytelling will enhance the common core goals within your classroom and district using the arts as the glue.


It's all about.....ME! Have a connection that the students can FEEL and SEE. 



Innovate, Create, Imagine






Crayons to Digital


Story Project


Sixth Grade Sibelius Project


Eighth Grade "Little" GarageBand Project


Color My World


Step one

    Select a color/mood that best represents you and/or your partner 



Step two

    Sign up for the camera

    Scout for pictures

    Take pictures around the school


Step Three

    Start your GarageBand composition that best represents your color/mood

    Place pictures within your GarageBand piece

    In info, take out your last name and replace it with other names that are collaborating with you


Step Four

    Have one other group listen to your podcast and give suggestions


Step Five

    Sign up for presentation to class

    Google 20%


Step Six



Step Seven

    Comment on site, using correct “web sense.”


THE SAME PROJECT - Diversity is always present


Students select something that is all the same.

Examples - Football jerseys, Dolls, Balls, Lockers, Floor, teeth


1.  Students take pictures, not video of the "same" object.

2.  Students create a story around the same objects, each object could be a character.

3.  Even though they are the "same" object, they all differ in one way or another. How the student orders the project, tells the story.

4.  Music, words, and/or voiceovers on the project. 


Personal Spectacular Project

This is a long-term project. Learn something you have always wanted to learn or create something you always wanted to create 



TIME is what you have. Lots of time...

In the end it has to say “WOW” 





2. Risk-taking (a program you have never used and wanted to learn) 


    Creative (taking something to the next level)


3.Passion or Interest to you - subject has to be something you enjoy or something you want to learn about


4. Double-duty could be used for another class, Social Studies or Science.



Notice I didn't say the format or technology used

1.Birthday - on the exact date of your  birthday

select something that happened i.e February 13, 1998 

2.Birthday - on the same date, something that happened. 

            Feb. 13, any year 

3.Favorite group/singer 

4.Favorite song (used in you keynote) only 30 sec., 

            edited in sound studio or GarageBand. 

5.One interesting fact that we don't know about you 

(food, activities, funny thing) 

6.   Funniest moment in your life 

7.Favorite food 

8.Favorite color


Fourth Grade Instruments of the World


Website: http://www.asza.com/ihm.shtml


To make a 30-second project about a WORLD instrument with a map showing

        what country the instrument is or was from ANDa short voice-over with five interesting facts.



  1. Select an instrument from website above

  2. Make a folder on your desktop with the name of the instrument and 4T, 4S, or 4Z

  3. Open WORD and put the five facts on your sheet - IN YOUR OWN WORDS, no copy and paste!

  4. Find picture(s) of the instrument on google, then FULL size in iPhoto. Give credit (yes, copy and paste website link)

  5. Create and iMovie or Keynote with pictures and music using that instrument

  6. Export movie to Quicktime

  7. Upload to VoiceThread and add comments on each slide


You must comment on your instrument AND on EACH page of “QUALITIES” PLUS What instrument would you like to play.  If you play piano, let us know as well!



Fifth Grade Composer Project


I have always taught a composer lesson for the 33 years as a music teacher. It started with simple reports and gradually grew to an online sharing of the a musical project.  At first I was concerned about students LEARNING about the composer, dates, and facts. I quickly realized that they were NOT learning music but facts. The moment I had the composer’s music as the project, that is when the students learned! So, you won’t see a lot of facts just hear a lot of MUSIC!


Thirty Seconds of Music


Main website



Find a Grave






















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